‘Floor allowed me to explore myself and my surroundings on a deeper level.

With ease in her approach, guidance, understanding and way of coaching, brought my awareness

back to the present allowing myself to create space and paths to explore.'

Charlotte King, graphic designer & Artist


Floor’s coaching is nothing short of brilliant.  Love, compassion, truth and courage are the leading qualities - both in her and in me when I look at myself through her lens. She has a kind and curious way of calling out the most precious parts of us. Working with Floor makes me determined to rise up to who I am - the most amazing part of me, the part that is… nothing short of brilliant.   

M.Czajkowska, Rockclimbinglifecoach

Helen Baker,  Helen Baker Marketing & Design

'Your coaching sessions gave me the space to concentrate on me and voice where I truly am personally and with my business with out judgment. Which has given me confidence to move forward.' Thank you so much. Dinah Smith Health

"I just wanted to say, thank you for today.
It’s amazing stuff - the way the mind works and getting it to think.
You have an incredible way of working towards answers…I don’t know how you do it!
I always come away with a clear head and feel like I’ve climbed a bit further up a mountain."

Sarah, Yoga teacher

I am Jude, a 56 year old divorced woman, who was very frustrated about a number of things.....
My single status
My business stasis
My imbalance with work & life, too much work & not enough fun.
BC ( before coaching)
I believed being single was holding me back in a number of areas in my life.
I believed because nobody was by my side, supporting me, I was struggling.
I lacked confidence & self-belief, yet nobody would have known.
Yet..... I had fogotten how far I had come since my divorce (22 years ago).

I have my own house.
I have my own car.
I have a good job with options to work as much as want to.
I have 2 holidays a year.
I have 2 lovely supportive sons & a beautiful granddaughter.
I have created financial security by myself.

So realising one session helped me to look at some of my self-limiting beliefs.
As a Life Coach myself I know all this stuff. My first lesson was ' we are all human'

Very quickly I was planning a dinner party, something I thought impossible as I was single.
Floor helped me regain my confience & self-belief by supporting & encouraging me, & occasionally challanging me.
I soon realised I can do anything I want to do (within reason) & go anywhere I want to go.

Be authentic & true to myself was really important to me, so I asked myself.....
'why are all the things I want to do on hold?'
Was it because I wanted to be in a relationship first?
Was it because I wanted to retire first?
Was it becuase I wanted to be financially secure first?

My coaching started questioning my thinking. Floor helped me drill down to the essence of who I am & want (what I really really want)

I soon realised that my business was not a priority. I had been putting a lot of time & energy into something that was frustrating me.

To that end I have taken a break & feel so much better. This in turn has given me time & energy to focus on what I really want.

One of coaching tasks was to write down 100 things I want to do.....
To date (3 month period) I have written down 67 & have achieved over 50. This really excites me as I feel the old Jude is back........I just got lost.

Some of my achievements to date.
I have been away to Tenerife all on my own.
I have reconnected with the dance world.
I have lost weight & got fitter ( this will continue)
I have found a karate club to join & have committed to achievingmy 2nd Dan before I am 60.
I have removed should from my vocabulary.
I am being more vulnerable.
I have learnt to ask my head, ask my heart & then go with my gut.
I am dating men often, without attaching outcomes.
I am treating dating as experiments.
2018 is my carpe diem year & will be amazing.

Jude  NHS Nurse and Coach

"The first coaching session I had with Floor was great. I felt challenged to look at my vision & how will I practically get there. Looking at steps and weekly & daily things I can do to move towards my goal. As soon as the session was done I got into action & did a few of the things I had needed to address but had put at the back of my mind. I found Floor to be a great listener, she challenged me to dream big & not limit myself. Floor has a great ability to see potential in others & she uses this gift to enable the client to move forward towards their dream." 

Roz, NHS Nurse

'Floor has really helped me to unravel what my stumbling points are both personal and professional. We had a brilliant two hour session which broke down everything and the goals I am working towards. 

Having never had a coaching session before I was a little apprehensive of what to expect! Floor put me totally at ease and the session has been brilliant for helping me to focus on what's next! I will certainly be recommending Floor and be returning for future coaching sessions.' Charlotte, Graphic web designer

Seeing and feeling the impact of slowing down, listening and connect to progress faster also learned the powerful lesson of observation of self and others. This day would also be brilliant for people who want to become more aware of there body language!

Julia, Relationship coach

This process has showed me a new lens to look through for being Authentic. Stuff I wished I had learned 20 years ago!

Clair , UKCC level 4 Coach

This session learned/ taught me to a different way of  looking at energies &, feelings through the horse behavior its Brilliant fun and Interesting. 

Using the horse helped me focus purely on my emotion something I don’t usually consider, greatly exceeded my expectation a very enriching activity. 

Anne Marie, Doula