How to work with me

How working with me can effect the following

Self Awareness -  increase in your level of self-awareness. You are able to have a better understanding of yourself and your-concept and an understanding of your impact on others.


Self Confidence - increase in your self-confidence. This is coupled with a decrease in self-limiting thoughts and beliefs.


Self Leadership -  Uncovered unrealistic expectations can be uncovered and through coaching,  we are able to explore these and then develop the ability to lead ourselves with more compassion.


Relationship To Conflict -Some of us might be comfortable with conflict and others feel that it is an area of concern in which we would benefit from more learning. Coaching allows you to explore negative beliefs around conflict, to challenge and ultimately change them.


Relationship To Power -  Through the process of coaching with horses, some views and thinking can be moved towards seeing power as a positive and constructive force connected to strength and confidence and one which you have a choice and influence over how it is used.


Relationship To Personal Life -Using Horses is seemingly helpful and gives a holistic aspect to the work. Coaching in this way helps you find insights around how things in you like to connect.

All my programmes and coaching are bespoke and can have a combination of virtual coaching and on-site coaching with the assistance of horses

Personal Coaching
For you on crossroads

We will work together, one on one, for three months six months, or a year.  Anything less is not enough to create lasting change.  We will explore and you will give yourself permission to focus on you; what you want from your life and how you will work on your purpose. It is powerful and exciting.  Our coaching will be personalised to your specific vision and genuine aspirations. It is a combination of virtual coaching and in-person with the assistant of horses. 

My programmes are bespoke and can have a combination of virtual coaching and on-site coaching with the assistants of horses

‘Floor allowed me to explore myself and my surroundings on a deeper level.

With ease in her approach, guidance, understanding and way of coaching, she brought my awareness

back to the present allowing myself to create space and paths to explore.'

Charlotte graphic designer & Artist

Horses as Mirrors
For you who want a quick fix

This type of coaching challenges and supports, while removing excuses,creating personal responsibility and increasing self-belief. Getting to the core of issues, it addresses our beliefs and values, creating lasting change to our thinking patterns. It can also help you to grow your sincerity and leadership as a whole, plus self-leadership qualities.

It’s their capacity to reflect how we are “being”, that makes them uniquely suited to playing a part in experiential learning and coaching.  Reality-testing ourselves with horses, gives us essential insight into how humans will react to us when we do it for real.

This can be booked as a one off 4 hour session

at £350 contact me for a 20 min intake conversation

Special offer in times off Covid 

£175 for a 1 to 1 session

£125 for a group session (Group of 4)


This session has helped me to understand my strengths and helped me to find it so I can tackle difficulties from this angle in the future. It's one of the most interesting tough provoking and rewarding experiences I have ever done. Everyone and anyone would benefit from this as long as they are open-minded and prepared to tackle what’s going on in their heads. It was so much more then I expected incredibly clever! 

S. King Persaonal Trainer and Yoga teacher

Group coaching 
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together…

This is a 6-month creative coaching programme with a small amount of participants for creating true connection and trust.Creating your solo ventures or solo entrepreneurs. it helps you develop and  discover your uniqueness and implement it in your venture, 

discovering your power as an entrepreneur/ business owner. to start as an entrepreneur we need a solid foundation resilience self-discipline strong network are the key to stay focused and enthusiastic in your new venture I have learned doing it together with other solo entrepreneurs can start life long friendships and a solid foundation of support 2 key factors for me in starting my business. 

It's tough on your own; especially at the beginning when it seems you are hitting all the heavy hurdles. You might even be thinking to yourself "I don't believe in myself" or "I give up" or even "Why bother, it's pointless". But being in a group of peers who are there with you through all the struggles and successes, with whom you can touch base each day, who believe in you and are creating their vision with as much passion as you are ... all of this is priceless.

Professional & Leadership Coaching 
For small businesses start-up and your new career

Often we just need time out to reflect, refocus and recharge. To perform at the levels we expect of ourselves and others expect of us, we need to find ways to self-supporting, to maintain our passion and to re-adjust our perspectives of ourselves, our life and of others. I can coach you to a fresh perspective and discover new ways  to regroup, gain clarity and act from your purpose.

My programmes are bespoke and can have a combination of virtual coaching and on-site coaching with the assistants of horses

“Florange is a great coach. Great because she gets me to see the “heart” of what I want to achieve and because of what I take away from our sessions that gets my “head” working to achieve it. I never feel judged when we speak and I always know that I will discover something new about myself by the end of the session. Thank you for giving me wings, Floor.”

Christophe Stourton Comunications Manager