"I Look for what is congruent with the person's core and what is out of sync."

Through thoughtful and thorough questioning, I help you to discover your most authentic expression of self. I have a unique gift of seeing what has been, perhaps unhealthily,  acquired, which may not be in sync with your unique truth. I am able to spot these unconscious patterns that run our lives and skillfully bring them to your attention ... with ongoing care and love.


When we become aware of our unconscious software, we are able to make more informed decisions, keep that which serves us and let go of that which sets us back. Weeding out the noise brings us closer to our vision.


I listen for keywords that point to the internal environment that you inhabit. By reflecting words back to you and triggering insights around the use of language, I uncover how you might be limiting yourself in life. In this way, I ignite the process of a powerful mindset shift, real growth and change.


This part of my work is so crucial in today’s times where change is all-encompassing and inevitable.

I have trained all my life to clearly spot the brilliance and potential of others. So often, that potential is not yet integrated within the person.

"My coaching compassionately challenges us to raise ourselves up to our most powerful expression of self."

I have a profound understanding of what low self-esteem is and can mean for us

because of low self-esteem, own life story and developmental difficulties,

Having integrated my own 'unworthy parts', I have gained a unique capacity to lovingly perceive when others might be stuck in their own unworthiness. Having walked that path myself, she skilfully helps others to integrate the parts of themselves that are felt to be "not good enough".

Sometimes the tough moments in our lives can prove to be the greatest gifts in disguise; gifts that ultimately show us a way forward to greater happiness, fulfilment and personal authenticity.


This was certainly what happened to me. Through being present at my mother's final illness, I experienced a kind of epiphany and a clear vision of what I wanted to do and how I would achieve it.


Having witnessed my formerly depressed Mother transform into her true joyful, loving, funny self for those last weeks of her life, after being diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer, I was determined to find a way to help others achieve this; not just at the end of life, but for life itself.


Reflecting on all this and aware of my new direction, I realised that our best teachers are-not always human and my long experience of horses me to look to them for help. Horses .... with their life in the moment clarity, wisdom and sensitivities.

"Horses could be the conduit to our opening up to ourselves and discovering new ways to move forward into a richer life." 


Other things you might like to know about me:


  • I was born in Amsterdam in The Netherlands and my maiden name is "Sinaasappel' which in Dutch means orange, as in the fruit - which naturally led to my being called Florange as a nickname.

  • I was a professional Sailor for seven years 

  • I speak 3 languages 

  • I Project managed the renovations of townhouses of historical interest and was hands-on as a painter and decorator 

  • I worked as a company manager for 3 relatively big theatre productions in holland.

  • My favourite sailing trip so far was from Ilha Grande, an island in the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro to the Falklans.

  •  I had a near-death experience when a 24-meter long wooden sailing mast broke into three pieces and fell, narrowly missing my head. 

  • I worked on a homoeopathic horse yard. Where we retrained  overworked Grantprix horses at the age of seven

  • Speaking my truth has gotten me into trouble on a few occasions.

  • I have dyslexia.

  • I love cold water swimming.

  • I have an incredible inner mental dialogue that I just about have under control 

  • I once sailed on an ocean crossing that took 13 days and 12 hours - the only thing I loved about that trip was the night watches where I laid down on the deck and watched the millions of stars twinkling magnificently in the dark ocean sky

  • My husband and I lived in a caravan for over a year while we renovated our dream house.

  • I have my own coach - I pay more than 'I think' I can afford.

  • I love seeing people succeed in their life.